The Son of Wikachew

By Rian

One hot day on Four Island in the Sevii Islands, Wikachew was training with a Ditto in the Day-Care Center, when at noon, Ditto laid an Egg! Wikachew wondered what his new Pichu son would look like. When Rian heard the news, he rushed to Four Island to pick up Wikachew and the Egg. He was about to leave back to Vermilion City when he came across his rival, Gary Oak.

“Yo, Rian! What are you doin’ here?” Gary asked. “Gary, can’t you see that I’m trying to get this Egg to hatch!” said Rian. He showed Gary the Pichu Egg.

“Oh, I see. Well, smell ya later!” said Gary. Then, he took off.

When Rian and Wikachew came home to Pallet Town, Rian started to hear sounds. The Egg was hatching!

Out popped a Pichu with sharp teeth and a permanent form of the stickers Wikachew was wearing.

“I think I’ll call you Wichew,” Rian said as he smiled. “Did you hear that, Wikachew? You’re a Father!”

Wikachew smiled, happy to be a daddy. “Pikachu!” he said.

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